Sunday, October 31, 2010

Book Fair Preview

Visit the school's Book Fair and check out these and other titles:

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Mo Willems 'engaging Elephant and Piggie series continues with Can I Play, Too? in which the two friends learn how to play with someone who's different. Willems brings out an important message with humor, spare drawings, and simple text. Cat the Cat, a new series by this award winning author/illustrator uses brightly colored drawings with repetative phrases that are sure to delight young children and support emerging readers. City Dog and Country Frog, richly illustrated by Jon Muth, poignantly portrays a friendship across the seasons.

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Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl by Tedd Arnold:  Fly Guy and his boy Buzz are smitten with Fly girl and her girl Liz. Don't worry boys, there's plenty of gross humor to balance out the romance ("Wuzzle, wuzzle").

Funny Lunch by David Catrow. Max the dog comes from a long line of chefs, but falls short when confronted by a large group at his restaraunt (a panting dog with a fan is served up as a hot dog). Catrow's clever watercolors are full of humorous details that kids will delight in pouring over.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ruined by Paula Morris (Point, 2009)

A not-so-typical-ghost story interwined with facinating details about the history and culture of  New Orleans that help create a tragic, suspenseful and exotic atmosphere. Seventeen year old Rebecca is sent to stay with her New Orleans relatives while her father is on a lengthy business trip. Ostracized by her rich and privileged classmates, she spies on a small group, the creme de la creme of New Orleans society, as they hang out and party in the local cemetery. While there, she meets a friendly, but mysterious girl who, in actuality, is a ghost.  Lisette, a free black girl was murdered 150 years before and to avenge her death, Lisette's mother placed a powerful voodoo curse on descendents of the wealthy and powerful family responsible for her death.  Caught up in an increasing dangerous turn of events, Rebecca races against time to find a way to break the destructive curse before others die. While the reader needs to suspend reality a bit, the story is fast paced with chilling moments and surprising plot twists. Recommended for ages 14+.