Monday, November 9, 2015

Now we know our ABCs ...

R is for Rocket; an ABC Book written and illustrated by Tad Hills.  Schwartz & Wade Books, 2015. Recommended for ages 3-7.

A is for apple ...

Alphabet books are so important in fostering early literacy in children by teaching children to recognize letter shapes and sounds, often in very creative ways. In addition, alphabet books, like R is for Rocket, also help children build vocabulary recognition. We could have children chant  “B is for boy,” but I bet they’d enjoy this more:

Bella balances on a ball while
a big blue butterfly watches.

The repetition of a single letter also creates a mood and a rhythmic effect, and, in longer sentences,  encourages children to use words to expand beyond “C is for cat” and create sentences that contain multiple alliterative words. These in turn could be used to describe an activity or event:

Owl offers a cookie and a crayon to crow.
“Now will you stop cawing?” she asks.

What might children’s responses be if asked why was the crow cawing? How did this story begin or end? Can they think of other hard “C” words that could be used to tell their story? A great precursor to creative storytelling/writing.

Tad Hills, the author and illustrator of numerous books, including the Duck and Goose books, depicts his well-known Rocket characters “ ...having fun while learning the alphabet.” Unlike basic alphabet books,  Hill’s popular Rocket characters are engaged in activities beginning with that letter, and accompanied by  a short, alliterative sentence or two:

Rocket paints a picture of a peacock. Owl prefers her pumpkin.

Read the full review at Goodreads with Ronna. Thanks to Ronna Mandel for letting me review the book and keep the review copy for my library. On November 10, we look forward to a visit from Tad!