Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Series Review:
The Timmy Failure series written and illustrated by Stephen Pastis and published by Candlewick Press.
Recommended for ages 8-12.

Introducing “the greatness that is Timmy Failure,” world class detective.

Move over Inspector Jacques Clouseau, author/illlustrator Stephan Pastis has created your youthful equivalent in a humorous series about an overly-confident and hilariously clueless detective who  dreams of taking his neighborhood detective agency global. Unfortunately there are some obstacles: his mother-who insists he goes to school, school-where he’s not doing so well, Rollo-his less than brilliant best friend, and Total- his 1500 pound polar bear partner. A polar bear for a partner? Yes, after hooking up with Timmy, Total  insisted that the agency name start with his. Hence the less than inspirational  agency name of “Total Failure.” (Timmy Fayleure’s name was changed to Failure).

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