Monday, September 29, 2014


A Library Book for Bear by Bonny Becker,  illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton.
Candlewick Press, 2014.

That grumpy old bear and his faithful friend, Mouse, are off to my favorite place, the library.

Bear believes the trip is “... completely unnecessary...”  and points to his fireplace mantle, where he has seven books, including one on pickles.   Still … he did promise Mouse he’d go.

At the library, Mouse unsuccessfully attempts to find Bear a book he’ll enjoy. After being shushed for being too loud, the increasingly irritable Bear is about to go when he hears the librarian reading a story. When Mouse, suggests they leave, Bear hollers “QUIET VOICES IN THE LIBRARY!” The librarian invites them to the storytime. Enthralled, both stay and they return home with seven books including The Very Brave Bear and the Treasure of Pickle Island.

As with her early Bear and Mouse books, Becker’s story is humorous, well paced, and rich in vocabulary.  It makes a rollicking read aloud and can be used by adults to engage and inspire both young readers and older writers with word choices like: bellowed, squished, tucked-away, and extravagant.

With colorful watercolor, ink, and gouache illustrations, Denton wonderfully captures Bear and Mouse’s contrasting personalities and creates reassuring settings with brief and expressive strokes.

My K-3 classes had a ball with this book and were engaged throughout the story.

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