Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The British are coming ... Again!

Tom Gates; Excellent Excuses (and Other Good Stuff). Written and illustrated by Liz Pichon. Candlewick Press, 2015.

While Paul Revere is probably rolling in his grave, Pichon's American fans will be rolling over with laughter as they read the next book in the hilarious saga of British fifth grader, Tom Gates.

Those who read Pichon’s first book, The Brilliant World of Tom Gates, will find that Tom, now on a two week break, is still up to his usual hijinks: finding new and improved ways of annoying his sister, Delia, devising the most ingenious excuses to get out of troublesome situations, eating his favorite snacks (caramel wafers), doodling, and hanging out with his best mate (friend), Derek.

Tom’s biggest hope is to find a drummer for his band, DOGZOMBIES and secure the band’s first gig. But in typical Tom Gates fashion, there’s a whole lot of everyday life-and his reaction to it-swirling around:  a bad tooth, his prank-playing cousins, the ongoingt rivalry with class smarty pants, Marcus, and the field trip from hell.  Oh, and as Mr. Fullerman, his teacher, keeps reminding him, there's still an overdue homework assignment to turn in. To give Tom a little incentive, Mr. Fullerman (who's wise to this procrastinating day dreamer) has sent one of his prize worthy, tongue-in-cheek notes home to his parents ...

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