Friday, April 22, 2016

More Books to Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with Animal Bites, a new nonfiction series for ages 4-8 from Animal Planet and Time Inc. Books.

Can a penguin escape a killer whale? Why doesn’t the Yeti crab need eyes? How does a  reindeer's feet stay warm in the snow? How did the Pompeii worm get it's name?  

Check out the answers to these question (and many more) in Animal Bites, a new nonfiction series for ages 4-8 from Animal Planet and Time Inc. Books. Titles reviewed here are:

Using bite-size pieces of information, striking photographs and illustrations,  children can explore a variety of animals and their environments.  

While differing in coverage, the books share a clever organizational scheme. Each has a multi-colored table of contents, a succinct glossary, and a detailed index. Every chapter uses a color-coded tab matching the color of the chapter title in the table of contents. This coding helps children understand the kind of information found in that chapter and, because of the uniformity throughout the series, is an excellent way to support a young reader’s reading development and comprehension.

Here’s an example:  the "how they live” tab is green and represents information on  " how animals behave and adapt to their environment.” Under this tab in Ocean Animals,  children learn how ocean animals move through water. In Polar Animals, they learn which animals migrate and why. The blue "Big Data"  tab can include brief facts and figures or eye-popping illustrations comparing the sizes of different animals. This kind of organization also helps children understand scientific concepts and see relationships between animals in a shared environment.

The titles include activity and resource pages.

While this series will certainly capture the attention of new and reluctant readers, it’s going to be a hit with all readers and help generate ideas for more in-depth studies.

Thanks to Blue Slip Media for letting me review the books.

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